Why Do I Need a Website?

Are you a Business Owner frustrated because you’re not getting any new customers walking through your front door?

Well its time for you to realize that you need to be right in your prospective customers face the moment they begin searching for your products or services online and not buried in some listing in the yellow pages or some newspaper ad that no one ever reads anymore!

Here is just one perfect example.

AnitasTwo months ago the owners of Anita’s Cocina, Tom and Sherry Hunt contacted me because their Google maps listing was displaying incorrect information.

Being an official Google Map Maker correcting their listing would have taken me a few minutes. But because they had never claimed and optimized their Google listing and because they didn’t have a website, they would never rank well in Google.

So I explained this all to them and they agreed, it’s was time to launch a website.

This is Why You Need a Website!

So over the course of the last 45 days my team and I have been working on their site, optimizing it for the search engines, optimizing their Google Places and Plus pages and claiming and optimizing their other local citation sites, here are the results!

Top Searches

Over the course of the past 30 days their listing has appeared over 3,909 times for the top searchs of Wickenburg Restaurants, Wickenburg Restaurant, Anita’s Cocina, Wickenburg Food and Anita’s.


Local Search Page Views

Over the past 30 days there have been 2,016 Local Search views of the Anita’s listing.


Driving Directions to Anita’s

In the past 30 days there have been 20 requests for driving instructions to Anita’s.


Are You Convinced Now?

Now are you convinced that it’s time to start investing your advertising dollars into something that will bring in new customers?

If so then contact me today on my personal cell phone 623-777-2929 or use the contact form here on my site to get started today!

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