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I need a to have a site that I can edit and add pages to, that will work on mobile devices, looks good and that will rank high in Google.” Roxie Glover – Wickenburg Community Hospital

Roxie explained that their old website was static (did not have a content management system) so if the staff wanted to make any updates the site they had to contact the developer, pay for the updates and then wait weeks for the changes to be made.

Because of this Roxie had a folder full of changes she needed to make to the site and wanted a solution where she and other staff members could make the necessary update.

Roxie also explained that it was important to have the site render correctly on mobile devices to make it easy for people travelling through the area to access the site on their mobile devices.

The Solution – Responsive WordPress Website

The solution to Roxie’s concerns was easy!


Developing a website using WordPress using a custom theme that was HTML 5 responsive for mobile devices while also being Google friendly so it would rank well in the search engines.

CMS Benefits

WordPress is the world’s most popular web-publishing program because of its CMS publishing features.


As an example with this administrative screen shot of the about page of the hospital’s website, Roxie can now make any changes to this page by just logging into the site and the changes are immediately live!

Mobile Responsive Design


The mobile responsive design of the custom theme of WCH website enables it to render properly on all mobile devices.

WordPress SEO

As it is extremely important to have the Wickenburg Community Hospital website rank HIGH in Google organic’s search and the other search engines, we installed the WordPress SEO Yoast plug-in.


Training of the WCH Staff

After launching the new Wickenburg Community Hospital website this week my staff and I spent a couple hours training Roxie and her staff on how to edit the site and add new content.

Do You Need a Responsive and Google Friendly Website For Your Local Business?

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  1. Roxie,
    I would like to let everyone know the sadness Wickenburg hospital and Clinic must be going through losing Dr. Firth.
    He was a great DOCTOR!!!! Dr. Firth treated my husband for several years. He would always be truthful, caring, thoughtful
    of what my husband was going through. Dr. Firth told us that my husband was a great fighter of the disease (pancreatic)
    My husband fought for 3 years. Dr. Firth was always there for us with encouraging words. His compassion for his patients was the REAL “DOCTOR” THAT THIS WONDERFUL MAN WAS. i WILL ALWAYS BE MORE THAN THANKFUL EVERYDAY

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